Olympic timekeeper Omega released photo finish photos of Phelps .01 victory

After saying they would not be releasing the photos of Michael Phelps amazing .01 second win in the 100-m butterfly, official Olympic timekeeper Omega has finally changed their minds and released the close up photos of the finish. And if you look at them, you won’t really know yourself because it looks like a tie. But professionals in this sport can clearly see that Phelps is the winner.

“In the third set of images, with Phelps on the left, it is clear he is really pushing hard, while Cavic, on the right, is just arriving,” Chianese told The Associated Press on Saturday.

Phelps’ time of 50.58 seconds was confirmed after a review down to the 10-thousandth of a second; Cavic’s time was 50.59.

Chianese explained that it requires 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) of pressure to activate the touchpad. “Any less and waves would set it off,” Chianese said. “You can’t just put your fingertips on the pad, you really have to push it. We explained all this directly after the race to (Cavic) and his coach.”


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