Two UC-SC professors firebombed by whack-job, anti-Science unichs

‘Save the animals kill the humans’ morons in California launched a couple molotov cocktails on steroids over the weekend. The first destroyed a car, the second a professor’s home. One of the professors, his wife, and 6 and 7-year-old children had to flee their burning house via an emergency ladder. Police were expecting something like this after a ‘flyer’ appeared in a local coffee shop filled with hippies and other ‘we, who are smarter than you’ types.

Feldheim and the unidentified faculty member who received the threatening message were named on pamphlets that were left on a stack of newspapers in a downtown Santa Cruz coffee shop last Tuesday, Clark said. The unsigned pamphlets at Caffe Pergolesi, which printed 13 researchers’ pictures and addresses, called them murderers and torturers and said, “Animal abusers everywhere beware.”

Hmmm…when was the last time Creationists (not friends of mine) firebombed a Darwin / Evolution conference? Have anti-global warming forces ever molotov cocktailed Al Gore?


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