When the nuke hits Washington, this guy is in charge, maybe, kind of, well we'll see.

In an interview that I have to describe as ‘less than reassuring’, DC’s Director of Homeland Security puts his political spin and utilize years of government ’speak’ to assure residents of DC that there will be chaos when a dirty nuke goes off in DC. Following a semi-disaster day last month when a power substation failure shut off traffic lights, a fire broke out in a Metro station and massive gridlock stymied D.C. police and emergency crews, Darrell Darnell talks about the agency’s pathetic lack of services response.

He even offers a website where you can sign up to receive electronic communications after the nuclear bomb goes up (yea, cause my Blackberry is hardened against EMP–how about yours?). DC residents have already been given their evacuation routes in a piece of paper strategically placed in the plastic package full of ads for Best Buy, carwash services, coupon clippings and all the other junk that 99% of DC residents throw out instantly into the trash when it arrives in the Sunday paper.

Anyway, read the article. The guy’s resume looks good doing a lot of homeland security consulting but this interview just made me think ‘Joe Forehead politician’ in charge. I’d much rather have some cussing and swearing former fire chief who knows all the cops, fireman, power repair guys by first name because he hangs out with them in a bar during off hours than a guy who looks good on paper.

All I can say is a) thank god I’m no longer living in DC, b) that I have a gun, and c) that I have an abundant food and water source not requiring government assistance (eventhough I hate fishing).


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