The lost electronic & dance tracks of the Doctor Who theme composer

Anyone who has heard the original Doctor Who theme knows it was a major event in electronic music. While it seems somewhat simple by today’s standards (probably pretty easy to do with a computer) it was light years ahead of its time when released nearly 40 years ago.

Now a wealth of recordings have been discovered, including some music that would be at home in today’s modern dance clubs.

A hidden hoard of recordings made by the electronic music pioneer behind the Doctor Who theme has been revealed – including a dance track 20 years ahead of its time.

Delia Derbyshire was working in the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop in 1963 when she was given a set of written instructions for a theme tune for a new science fiction series.

Now David Butler, of Manchester University’s School of Arts, Histories and Cultures has revealed for the first time the existence of 267 tapes found in Ms Derbyshire’s attic when she died in 2001.


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