Offshore Windmill cables cost $1000 per foot.


So you know they want to put windmills off the coasts of most US cities, and the residents are constantly balking because their view will be ‘ruined’ by these 25 story monsters spinning day and night. I’ve always wondered why they just didn’t throw them even further offshore, and now I know.

Connecting cables from windmills to the shore facilities cost approximately $1,000 per foot.

The Annapolis Capitol has a story today about a new windmill farm in Ocean City, Maryland. I can only guess the installation is part of the reason for the huge price.

Pushing the turbines farther out to sea makes the project more expensive — it costs $1,000 for every foot of cable connecting the wind farm to the shore. There will be four such cables, Lanard said, stretching 12 miles each, at a cost of about $253 million.

If Bluewater installed turbines at the three-mile minimum, where federal waters begin, the cable would cost about $63 million.

So basically we’re saying the view from Ocean City out over the ocean is worth $190 million? God knows the view from the ocean of Ocean City, with all the t-shirt and ice cream stores, isn’t surely worth that much.


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