Dragons, Leprechauns, Boogy Men, Truthers and Conspiracy Theorists.

This is a good article about how we are retrogressing intellectually by the spread of more and more conspiracy theories by folks who aren’t exactly the top thinkers in the world.

Sometimes it appears as if Western societies have regressed, adopting a medieval attitude towards calamitous acts. Back in the Dark Ages, people regarded accidents, disasters and other acts of misfortune as the work of hidden forces. Accidents did not happen, apparently – they were intentionally caused, either by divine or malevolent forces. Misdeeds were often said to have been caused by people who had been manipulated by ‘evil forces’.

This primitive outlook is making a comeback; it informs the way many people make sense of high-profile catastrophes today. Conspiracy theories are pushed forward to explain what happened on 9/11, or why there was such devastation in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

I’ve said it dozens of times. Anyone who believes in conspiracy theories has never been in charge of more than 4 people in business and have them try to do something the same way and in secret.


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