Man arrested (with burns) in London stabbing / arson case

This is a positive development I’d say.

The BBC News is reporting a suspect arrested over the killing of two French students is being treated for burns to his hands and face.

It’s been interesting watching some murder cases now that I’m a father. I find that I’m actually thinking about things in more a legal sense, not so much guilty or not guilty, but in the sense ‘how to make someone whole’ (a key to Torts law) after there has been a murder.

I think to all that someone spends raising a kid, spending money on clothes and toys that have no long-term value, but are merely expenses paid as part of development. Countless hours and dollars go into this effort, and when there is a murder, it is like an investment totally lost.

How do you even begin to pay for that? There is no rhyme or reason to the numbers. Is the loss of a PhD candidate any more than the loss of a prostitute? The world may say ‘yes, a PhD candidate will offer more one day’ but to a parent, the answer is the same–it is a total loss.

And in this case, a loss over a Playstation? What is going on in the UK?


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