Modern vs. Contemporary

Washington Post. “Contemporary is the latest thing. It’s the stuff of Pottery Barn. It’s current,” said Jacobsen, a Georgetown designer. “Modern is not. It is a specific movement and way of life that is rooted in a different period of time. It drives me crazy when people mix up the two.” Well now I stand corrected.

What I do know is that I basically hate the design style of most Washington places. Dark woods, heavy colors, Victorian era everything. If I had the money I’d love to renovate a townhouse into an ultra-modern minimalist masterpiece, shocking the neighbors as they roll in yet another faux antique chair. But to be honest, as a guy who wears the same shirts he did 10 years ago and buys the same brand/model shoe every two years (I like what I like)–I don’t think home design is high on my list of priorities right now.]]>

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