Time to lose 30 pounds

This is an annual thing. Everytime the Tour de France starts, I think back to my youth and the many 1,000s of miles I spent on my racing bike riding through the corn and soybean fields of Central Illinois. And each year I say to myself ‘this is the year I get back on the bike and lose some weight’. And every year I fail. But this year I have a plan. I bought a set of ‘rollers’ for my bike and I’m going to set them up down in the basement, along with my bike. The goal this year is simple: anytime I’m watching the Tour de France on television, I’ll be on my bicycle peddling out a cadence. 21 stages–21 days of exercise. Though I think 30 pounds is a bit too ambitious. I’d probably be happy with half of that, or even less. We’ll see how it goes.]]>

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