3 Movies in 5 days

But luckily this week I got to see some flicks:

Wall-e (for me, as I like robots, dystopian future, and cartoons). I found it quite entertaining and worth a look.

Sex and the City (for the wife, because we didn’t go to NY this weekend as we planned). I’ve probably seen every episode (you see, I’m married and have little choice) so for me it wasn’t as bad as it was for some men who get dragged to it. And it wasn’t that awful–a bit long toward the end but still kind of funny. I can see why women went in a group.

The Blue Kite (with the nanny and wife). Banned in China, it tells the story of life in the 50s and 60s when great ‘movements’ were coming through. Kind of a bummer of a story, but so was life back then in China. ]]>

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