Going back to Notre Dame

Friday is a pretty big day as I head back to Notre Dame for the first time in….god…six years!?! Yes, it was 2002 April when we told Father Hesburgh that we were getting married. He thought that was nice and all, but that we had to go out and basically get his blessing before we did so. Needless to say, when Father Ted says “come talk to me about getting married” we hopped on a plane, flew out to South Bend, and talked to him about getting married (and about the SR-71 Blackbird, Gene Kranz and the book Failure is Not an Option [which I was reading at the time], the time Father Ted was almost named head of NASA, and a few other things). This trip should be a bit more relaxed. We’re going to see Father Ted again but also a few other folks in South Bend that we haven’t seen in a long time. I understand the law school is getting remodeled and campus has probably changed a bit since we were last living there. We’ll have some pictures up, probably sometime next week.


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