Yes, I did get an iPhone

iPhone Podcasts. Here is a posting I put up about the thing:

I’ve had diffuclty sync’ing my calendars (but nothing else) and many of my old ipod cables (a mini ipod firewire, and my car’s FM & power cable) seem suspect. Not sure if the old cables work with the new machine. But this thing has raised the bar for every phone company that is out there. Remember the first ipods weren’t exactly perfect vs. the Rio’s and Creatives that were out there at the time, and this doesn’t necessarily have every feature, but the interface is intuitive and that alone means the death knell for some handset manufacturer in the next five years. Yup. For those waiting for v.2, you can always wait for a better piece of technology, but then you can also find yourself in an endless circle. Technology is supposed to used, and I think if you are the kind of person who needs the features and services that something like iPhone v.1 offers, then buy it now and USE IT NOW. I figured the price somewhere like this: ipod Nano 8gb $249 New mobile phone $99 (I needed a new one) On the go web/email $200 (value to me, because of work) Coolness factor $0, well, it’s probably worth a few bucks to me Final Value of the iphone: $549 I paid $599, so quite honestly, I’m happy.

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