Sheepish grin

The Post’s Olympic blogger complimented my comments on former Olympic sports, but then said that I called him lazy (which I didn’t but hey, with Shani and Chad now at peace he’s got to stir up something). Actually he seems pretty cool for a cheese-lover (yea, he guzzles cheeze and not the good in-the-can-spray-down-your-throat-type but the real stuff that you pay top dollar for). At least he is blogging steadily about what it is like on the street, at the more obscure sports, and how his day is going with his fellow media types. I’m now pushing him to look into Broomball as an Olympic sport. I think it could lead to several international incidents that would make Shani v. Chad look like a childhood spat. Well…maybe that is not the best analogy as they already do look like kids. But just think of the potential of a half a dozen guys on the ice with brooms doing battle with each other. Think curling, hockey, and WWE wrestling all thrown into one.]]>

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