Slept through the game

I fell asleep during the game and awoke in the 3rd period. I glanced at the scoreboard on the screen and said “Hey, US up by 2-1” but the US was in a frantic attack mode which didn’t figure. Why weren’t the Swedes on the offense? It was like they were holding on to a 1 goal deficit for some reason. About 2 minutes from the end I realized “hey, we’re losing.” Of course it doesn’t really matter as everyone advances basically (Kazakstan needs to win by 14 or something) but our next match is against the goal machine of the Russian team. I watch the games during the week at a bar called the Exchange just down from the White House. Perhaps in a throwback to the Cold War spy days, the bar staff seems to be all Russian. It will be fun Tuesday to watch and listen to them (the other day they were chanting ‘Lat-vi-a, Lat-vi-a” when we were playing them.]]>

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