Ukraine gas crisis

The Post is covering the Gazprom crisis in the Ukraine which will be coming to a head shortly. I’ve been following on the Kremlin’s new FTA news channel Russia Today, which is actually pretty interesting to get a ‘Russian” viewpoint on the world. It’s in English (as that is now the world’s Second Language I think) and it’s broadcast in the clear on my FTA dish. The real issue is not what the Ukraine will pay, but who will handle the 80% of Europe’s natural gas demands that go through Ukranian pipelines. Should those be shut down on January 1st, and threatened, then you’ll see all hell break loose. Russia is back to their old self–selling subsidized gas to their defacto colony Belarus but charging 5 times that price to the Ukraine, which shook off the FSB goons in the Orange revolution, more or less.]]>

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