We know she can drive, but why is she hot?

Danica Patrick made headlines this week with her Indy 500 run in which she finished fourth. But I think the question most guys are asking is “why is this girl hot?” I mean, she’s basically your average looking American female, and I’m sure guys see women like her everyday and don’t pay any attention, but maybe it is the fireproof racing gear that gives her a little something that say “whoa, she’s a babe.” She did pretty good for a woman they say, but I doubt that will please her. Year Best start Best finish Danica Patrick 4 (2005) 4 (2005) Sarah Fisher 9 (2002) 21 (2004) Lyn St. James 6 (1994) 11 (1992) Janet Guthrie 14 (1979) 9 (1978) Not sure, but you be the judge. Hot or not?]]>

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