Helicopter Rescue in the Bay

The other day I’m sitting downstairs when Trooper 7, the Maryland State Police helicopter on the Eastern Shore flies overhead heading towards its base in Easton. No big deal–happens a lot. But about a mile offshore, it banked heavily and came right back toward my house. I mean right at my house. About 100 yards offshore, it stopped, hovering right outside. It put down its gear and stayed hovering. Needless to say, I was a bit curious. I flipped on the Coast Guard radio to discover two jet skiiers had crashed just down the way about 50 yards. I flipped on the boots and tromped along the shoreline to find one of the jet skis sunk and the other under repair. But then they asked me “have you seen a canoe?” “No” “He’s missing” I then looked to the pier and saw some firemen from North Beach and from the Navy base looking out to sea. I climbed up to talk to them and they said a canoe was missing and thought to be in the drink. The helicopter started searching down the shore and eventually reported “I see a canoe about two miles past the Navy base.” The firemen mounted up and drove down there to investigate, and I decided to head back home. I then ran into my neighbor who said “It’s my canoe–someone borrowed it without asking. Stupid dumb ass.” Well, it eventually turned out they found the guy. He was in town at a bar, just borrowing the canoe to “get some bait” to go fishing but he changed his mind and decided to get a drink. Life in the country.]]>

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