podcast directory is still under construction. I had a problem where certain items kept clogging up the system, leading me to belive it had to be something serious, like a bad server or a permissions error in the database or something really complicated. It was a ‘ mark. A misplaced ‘ mark messed up my code and nearly crashed the entire server. Man it is a pain sometimes. Like the early days of HTML where you had to match ‘ > < " and all that with a text editor. Anyway, in other computer news, the new version of Adobe Go Live is out, but I haven't decided if I will buy it. I bought the last "upgrade" only to discover, afterwards, that they took out the most important function--dynamic websites via php. That swore me off buying software for a year or so. But then again, I did just buy a version of Eudora instead of using the free one. The junk mail filters are only available if you buy a version, and WOW--what a difference. Before my e-mail would be alerted every 10 minutes or so for some spam (95% of the spam is caught at the server, but about 40 a day still get through). Now those e-mails get routed to a junk mail filter and I only get "new mail" alerts for basically legitimate stuff. Really has saved time and helped me keep focused as I'm not always checking my e-mail. Ok, off to the long commute.]]>

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