Finding Neverland

J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. Barrie based Peter Pan on his friends, the Llewellyn-Davies boys who he met in Kennsington Gardens in London one day. He eventually became the surrogate father and then guardian of the children. The movie is quite well done. Johnny Depp will get a nod from the Academy, and the color and period costumes are entertaining. The story dragged abit though, as I wasn’t quite sure where it was going toward the end. What I thought was a climax wasn’t and then I was a bit lost. Unlike Topsy Turvy, which was another period piece about making a stage play, this moved much faster but with a bit less detail behind the scenes, but then again, it wasn’t just a movie about a play. Worth seeing, eventhough it is in limited release. UPDATE WHOA! Just read this piece on Was John Barrie a pedophile. The answer is probably not, but that last paragraph contains the fate of the five boys in the film. Tragic ends to most of their lives. A little strange…]]>

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