More interviews

CES coming up in Vegas (this is my fourth or fifth) I’m getting some more attention for the convergence of Internet Radio via PenguinRadio and podcasting and the whatnot. Today I was interviewed by some business reporter, though I’m not exactly sure what magazine will be running the story. In case you were wondering, when I was at CES two years ago, I got a hotel the same week of the convention, on the strip, for like $75 or so. This time, with no more COMDEX, the hotels have been sold out for weeks and I’m staying at a crappy dump for $40 a night somewhere far away from the action. Just can’t see myself paying $250 for a strip hotel room that is $50 the rest of the year. Anyway, I’m in Vegas Thursday and Friday. Drop me an e-mail or comment if you want to meet up.]]>

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