Bill Gates votes, King County Ballots messed up

William Gates (Bill, as in Microsoft) voted absentee according to this website by the Seattle Times. Perhaps his vote was one of those that bloggers are talking about when they say there are 3,500 more ballots then there were VOTERS in King County during the recent election. Sounds a bit fishy. 7 match(es) found WILLIAM A GATES KENT 98042 Voted Absentee WILLIAM H GATES, JR SEATTLE 98105 Voted Absentee WILLIAM T GATES, IV SEATTLE 98115 Voted Absentee WILLIAM T GATES, III FEDERAL WAY 98023 Voted Absentee WILLIAM H GATES MEDINA 98039 Voted Absentee WILLIAM DALE GATES, JR AUBURN 98092 Didn’t Vote WILLIAM C B GATES AUBURN 98092 Voted Absentee]]>

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