Back from Macau

As you see above, the old town (San Ma Lo) area of Macau is very pretty and quite European. We walked around the downtown for a few hours, looking at the shops. One thing they sell quite a lot of is beef jerkey and these homemade cookies that taste sort of like sugar cookies made with sawdust. I ate it and was like “mmm, cardboard” but the wife said, as the same time and with a serious face “it is too sweet.” Go figure. We did the other tourist things, like visited St. Pauls in Macau which was built in the 1600 but is now just a facade due to a fire two centuries ago. We climbed up on the top and threw a “lucky coin” on the window sill. Mine rolled on the edge, across the sill and fell 30 feet onto the tourists below. Someone either has a bump on their head or thinks God is throwing money at them. We had $3 US bowls of soup for dinner before heading home. We took a catamaran back that wasn’t as smooth as the hydrofoil, but did the job (for a bit less too). ]]>

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