Fireworks on National Day

So yesterday was Chinese National Day and as part of China, Hong Kong celebrated with a fireworks display down in Wan Cai. We went down to shop a bit before the show, which was quite a bit more insane as there are probably 750,000 mainlanders visiting HK this weekend on mini-vacations. We eventually got a pretty good spot on a bridge and watched the fireworks go off. The first set was a giant collection of four red ones. Than some more red ones. And some more. More red… It was probably 10 minutes before I saw a white one. All in all, it was a pretty good fireworks show, with about 85% of the fireworks red, or say “green turning to red.” Our cab ride home was our most expensive cab ride yet ($10US) as the cabbie didn’t understand a word of English and got turned around by the police who had closed roads (we went in a 10 minute circle). As the only word we knew in Cantonese was where we live, we eventually ended up here (despite our plans to go see a movie). Oh well, guess we’ll catch a matinee today. ]]>

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