Nuclear missile dropped on its head

Trident missile was dropped while being loaded into a submarine. The base was sealed, the President notified, and a whole slew of reaction teams called into place. Heads rolled… Now the problem. Not that a missile was dropped–it happens, but that the person blowing the whistle has “a past” as we used to say on Capitol Hill. People happy in their work and whatnot rarely come forward with tales of problems in their agency, so you are often left having to deal with people who might have a grudge (and thus, tell their story through that view). One thing we always learned was that no one told the whole story–you never got both sides–when we were investigating things like this. However, in this case, it appears the writer is correct–the story has been verified by the Pentagon (grudgingly). So now all the Northwest is up in arms about a possible nuke accident they didn’t know about. Wonder how many other times it happens that we don’t know about?]]>

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