Random Russian missives

Interfax is reporting that the Russians have turned on the first set of traffic lights in Chechnya since the war. The country’s entire traffic grid was blown to bits in the last two wars. And in other news, Russia has announced the largest nuclear exercises to date, to coincide with an upcoming presidential election. Military forces in Russia will simulate a full-scale, World War III level of nuclear attack and retaliation. This will be pretty much the largest exercise since the “”7-hour war”” that took place in 1982, simulating a full-scale nuclear exchange. Associated Press is covering the story. As some of my former Russian colleagues have observed, “”well, at least they can pretend their a major world power.”” Back to the Soviet days of prestige through nuclear weapons. Great signal to send to North Korea. Given that no Russian “”boomer”” subs went to sea last year due to budget cuts, and much of the remaining arsenal is in tatters, I’m a bit worried about a mistake as the Russians “”test fire”” some of their equipment for the first time in years. Perhaps this would be a good time to take a vacation to the Bahamas…]]>

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