The Greek dog is home

dog story from San Jose? A women has and loves a dog, teaches it to respond in Greek. Loses dog one day and cannot find it at the shelter. Visits three times but no dog is there? Enter a 10-year old who wants to adopt a dog. She adopts the missing dog (which was at the shelter “”somewhere””) and bonds with the dog. Woman comes back to the shelter, sees her dog and says “”My dog!”” Shelter says “”sorry, you didn’t claim it in the alloted five days and now it belongs to someone else.”” Well, the women threatened a lawsuit, and now the young girl has given up her dog. A really sad story for someone. Here’s my take: This very nice dog came in to the shelter and the employees knew there was a little girl looking for a new dog. They “”set her aside”” so the little girl could get a well trained and clean dog, only to later have the owner return. We’ll probably never know, but the excuses the shelter employees are giving about where the dog was for the five days are really lame and flakey. ]]>

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