Ghetto Christmas gives way to Redneck Christmas

Russ and I would often get in the car and drive through the truly scary parts of DC in what we called “”Ghetto Christmas.”” Lights dangled here and there, mismatched lawn ornaments, abandoned cars with decorations on them. By and large, our favorite has to be just North of RFK stadium–the Nativity scene with Winnie the Pooh as the baby Jesus. It was really an amalgamation of two Christmas scenes. There was Mary and Joseph and a few sheep, but the baby Jesus was gone so Pooh took his place. Alongside two of the Wise Kings was the Wisemen Tigger. Piglet played the part of a pig. However, Ghetto Christmas has nothing on Redneck Christmas. We drove around last night out here in Calvert and Anne Arrundel county and looked at some of the absolutely INSANE Christmas lights. My town, Chesapeake Beach, is actually well known for doing up Christmas, and the lights here are incredibly festive. They even have a competition for most lit house and many of the locals really get into the spirit. By far our favorite last night was the Santa with the dancing legs (made of light). He was on about three houses last night. If I get a chance tonight I’ll take some digital photos of the houses.]]>

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