RIAA slapped down

Washington Post was first to mention it, but many others have covered the story which included some of the judges referring to RIAA’s arguments as “”just silly.”” You don’t see that level of insult in most court cases I’ll assure you. I was working for the committee when the Digital Media Copyright Act (DMCA) passed. I remember that the personnel on staff who handled “”technology’ were not exactly the most tech savvy individuals I’ve met. In fact, one was the biggest luddite I’ve ever seen and the others were your basic preppies / soon-to-be-lobbyists that populate the Hill. As we say in the net, you either “”get it’ or you don’t. These guys didn’t. They are all now working as lobbyists for some tech-related companies, but they never really got what the net meant or could be, being trapped in a world of doing what they were told my even less-tech savvy individuals (Congressmen and Industry representatives). However, as I read the ruling and ponder the affect, I kind of wonder if the court’s ruling isn’t exactly what RIAA wanted. The three-judge appeals court told RIAA (and more importantly, the Congress) to get a new law if they want to prosecute these crimes. “”The DMCA didn’t even have a clue that Peer-to-Peer existed, so don’t warp DMCA into a new category–let Congress do that”” was essentially their words. RIAA is probably excited as this existing law has been a PR (and will soon be a financial) burden for them. They can now take this ruling back to the Congress and demand new legislation from the same luddite-like Congress that is in power. Given the dismal record of the Congress on the recent spam bill, I fear the new legislation that will soon come into being. Filesharers should get over the glow they feel right now and wake up to the reality that is about to come down the pipe. A really bad bill will soon be introduced… ]]>

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