Generationally removed from friends… link awhile ago, but it was pretty hard to convince my friends to join as most hadn’t even heard of it or what it was about. Thus my list of friends was basically some of my wife’s friends who needed a husband, and they weren’t really the most technologically savy people I’ve ever met. That changed today when I added a friend of mine who is still in college. Liana is attending Cambridge getting her PhD in pubs or something. I added her and BLAM! The power of friendster took off. Linana has 11 friends.
Those 11 have between 40 and 200 friends each
who have between 40 and 200 friends each. I now have 25,500 people in my “”personal”” network. There are 25,000 people usually about three steps removed from me now. A friend of Liana’s friends friend or something like that. However, they’re all about college age. It really seems that my generation is too busy, too settled too whatever to join up. This is one of those things that is hip, current and cool, but too “”young”” for most of my friends. God forbid if I should get that way soon. Anyway, do you want to be my friend? I’m still taking offers…]]>

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