The Archies

The New York Times is reporting that Westchester county, hip and together and cool, has decided to enlist the “”Archies”” in a new comic book to fight teenage drinking. The Archies. The cartoon that was too stupid for me even as a youth 20 years ago! The comic book that no kid would read unless forced or stuck in a really boring barber shop with no option. The Archies are going to stop teenage drinking? My god some parents don’t have a clue. What’s really frightening is that these parents are nearly my age. Does something happen when you have children such that you lose touch with what’s hip and what’s not. I was actually looking forward to having kids so they would keep me in touch with new things (thank god I have a nephew or the whole SpongeBob thing would have passed me by). Sometimes adults are too confident that they know best. Liquor stores in Westchester County rejoice. A whole new crop of teenagers will continue to present false ids and bribes to grab a six-pack.]]>

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