London Super-hero is born

This is Angle Grinder Man. He is a London vigilante who got mad one day at the “”boots”” the police put on cars that are illegally parked. The fine was $150 dollars, but a circular saw cost only $50 to rent. Guess which one he chose? Anyway, he’s now liberated about two dozen cars and is getting his picture in the papers, along with a bunch of cops who want to arrest him. It’s actually kind of odd because I’ve often said that the way bureaucratic officials move is very likely to lead to some form of terrorism at the domestic level, even if it is petty vandalism. To date I’m still shocked that no one has blown up a DMV, and the phone company and record industry are likely prime targets should a domestic terror war ever commence. Actually, it’s amazing the restraint most Americans do show given the insanity of many government officials. And those in Europe thought we just “”shot first and asked questions later””. Guess not.]]>

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