Faster than Fast food

The Washington Post reports that McDonalds is now trying self-service ordering kiosks at some of their stores in an effort to speed up transactions. Unfortunately, having watched some of the people at McDonalds deal with the complexities of reading the menu, I’m afra| this new advance will simply make me more annoyed while I wait for some |iot to figure it out. My favorite McDonalds’ ordering story came in DC, where this old blue-haired woman spent about five minutes reading the menu in front of me, and refusing to let the clerk help anyone else. She finally ordered a “”hamburger, medium-well.”” The clerk looked and sa| “”we don’t do them that way.”” Annoyed, she replied “”well what way do you do them.”” “”Done””. I laughed, the clerk laughed, and the old lady stormed out.

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