Going native

San Jose Mercury News has an interesting series starting today about the “”Internet Native”” children growing up in the Valley. Some k|s today have been online for nearly 10 years, and what is considered “”advanced computer skills”” for my generation is second nature to them. I often talk about this to my peers and get strange looks. I first noticed this sort of difference when I graduated college in 1987. I knew “”computers”” as the employers told me. I would be the “”computer guy”” in offices. It always struck me as strange how you could get shoved into a corner with even the least technical skills. I knew French too but I wasn’t the “”French guy”” in the office. My father could operate a calculator but he wasn’t the “”calculator guy”” in his department. Why did we need a “”computer guy”” when the skills I had were those that everyone should possess?26]]>

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