Russia is a hole

The Moscow Times has an editorial that was just sickening, and that paper normally is worth reading when I’m over there. What the State Department should consider is putting all of the Iraqi debts to Russia into a fund and then allowing those who suffered at the hands of Saddam to draw out of this fund, sort of punative damages against those who supported Hussein. There has been a lot of talk about the Alaska oil trust fund as being a model for the Iraqis (where some oil revenues are put into a fund and then a rebate is given to every citizen each year) which I support, but I’d also like to see that same fund called the “”overseas debt obligation fund”” and those countries (Russia, France, etc) being punished for their violations of the UN sanctions. It’s amazing that those countries demand we obey the UN rules and procedures when they do not do so themselves. And people wonder why this administration (and the American people) have so little respect for the UN, but that’s another posting…]]>

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