The Somalia phase of Iraq on this raid. However, what is really of interest is the conduct of this raid. That US Special Forces conducts raids is something we’ve all become accustom to. In fact, US Special Ops are conducting ra|s at this very minute in COUNTRIES you don’t expect. It’s the nature of their business. But when Army Rangers go out on a raid, it marks a bit of a shift. We saw it most recently in Afghanistan, and (BlackHawk Down) in Somalia a decade ago. It marks a sort of transition in the fighting of a war. You have Special Ops-Invasions-Special Ops-Large Scale Special Ops (like this one). We’ve reached a point in the Iraq war where our strategy is being adjusted, and large-scale missions like this one can take place. Maybe these ra|s should be considered “”Special Ops, in force”” (parrotting Patton’s like about a ‘reconnaissance in force’ during the invasion of Siciliy). Force is what is required to protect these troops from another Somalia. Tanks, armor, air support, and other backups. 500 troops in a house to house street fight make an inviting target for a large guerrilla outfit. Ambushing a Special Forces group of 12 happens occasionally. Ambushing a Special Forces unit of 500 scares me. Needless to say, I’m more worried now about the troops than I’ve ever been.

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