World Cup Countries by Population

Hong Kong, with 7.2 million people and a FIFA ranking in the 100s or so is nowhere near getting into the World Cup Finals this year, but it got me wondering if it is just a matter of not enough people to field a team or something else.  So I did a bit of Googling and came up with this list of countries in the World Cup finals, ranked by population.

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in millions

USA 318.2
Brazil 202
Nigeria 173.6
Russia 146
Japan 127
Mexico 119.7
Germany 80.7
Iran 77.5
France 65.9
Italy 60.9
England 53
Korea 50
Colombia 47.7
Spain 46.9
Argentina 42.6
Algeria 38.7
Ghana 27
Australia 23.5
Ivory Coast 23.2
Cameroon 20.5
Chile 17.6
Holland 16.7
Ecuador 15.7
Belgium 11.1
Greece 10.8
Portugal 10.4
Honduras 8.5
Switzerland 8.1
Hong Kong 7.2
Costa Rica 4.66
Croatia 4.2
Bosnia-Herzegovina 3.79
Uruguay 3.2



Would be interesting to do a list of countries by number of soccer pitches. I think HK would be at the bottom of that one, probably even behind Vatican City and Monaco.

The US Census did an interesting graphic on the World Cup and population. Let me see if I can get that in here too.