Was Betancourt a jerk?

Most of the world rejoiced when Ingrid Betancourt and other hostages were rescued from the FARC in Colombia, but now new details are emerging in a book published by the three Americans who were also in captivity calling into question her behavior while in captivity.

Two Americans held captive for five years by Colombia’s Farc rebels have launched an extraordinary attack on their fellow jungle hostage, Ingrid Betancourt, accusing her of being haughty, manipulative and self-absorbed.

One of the Northrop Grumman contractors accuses her of stealing food and hoarding books and even of putting their lives in danger by telling rebel guards – incorrectly, he insists – that the three were CIA agents.

Betacourt did not comment.


International Criminal Court investigating FARC network in Switzerland

I haven’t written about FARC lately as the storms and Olympics and the war in Georgia, but the battle against the FARC is continuing and has taken a new twist lately.

The International Criminal Court prosecutors have decided to look into allegations that a FARC financial support network exists inside Switzerland. Following the allegations against Swiss negotiator John-Pierre Gontard the Colombian government has been keeping up the pressure against Switzerland.

Spain informed us of the detention of a woman, at the request of Colombia, accused of delivering funds to another person who lives in Switzerland, Omar Arturo Zabala Padilla, known as Lucas Gualdron, who is the chief of FARC in Europe,” Ocampo told “Le Temps” newspaper.

The development adds another wrinkle to a relationship already strained by Colombian demands that Swiss professor Jean-Pierre Gontard be investigated for his role in delivering half a million dollars to the guerrilla group for the release of kidnapped employees of Swiss Pharmaceutical company Novartis.

While Gotard has repeatedly stated he delivered the money while acting as a mediator, Colombian prosecutors accuse the professor of financing terrorism.


FARC leaders Cano and Jojoy surrounded by Colombian forces?

Ok, this is sketchy and there are some reports on Colombia TV as well.

Apparently the Colombian military has two of FARCs top rulers surrounded and in their sights.

Santos said military forces have surrounded the two highest commanders of the rebel group. “We have all the leaders in sight and their hope for survival is slim,” he said.

This would be as major as the Bettancourt rescue mission. We’ll get to translating some of the Spanish language press and see what’s what.