What was Collin McKenzie-Gude really plotting with rifles and maps of Camp David?

Collin McKenzie-Gude was arrested the other day with a bunch of assault rifles and the names and addresses of some teachers at his school. Nothing out of the ordinary in the world of the trenchcoat mafia (in fact trenchcoat.com is already talking about him). But today it took a bit of a weirder turn.

Police found a map of Camp David marked with a presidential motorcade route inside the Bethesda home of the teen at the center of a bombmaking probe, along with a document that appears to describe how to kill someone at a distance of 200 meters, a Montgomery County prosecutor said today at a court hearing.

The youth, Collin McKenzie-Gude, 18, also had fake identification, Montgomery Assistant State’s Attorney Peter A. Feeney said. According to Feeney, one of the ID’s held the 18-year-old out to be an employee of the CIA; the second, with McKenzie-Gude’s picture on it, identified him as a man named Michael K. Landry, purportedly a U.S. government contractor protected by the Geneva conventions.

A few things sound a bit odd. First, the President usually flies to Camp David, and when they do drive they kind of vary things from time to time. Second, I’m not entirely sure what sort of government ID would allow Geneva conventions protection.

But in this hate-filled political world (just go read the comments at Digg) is it possible some slightly off individual decided to plot some attack? Oh hell yeah.

I think the psychological testing will be coming soon.