Virtual Students now have Virtual Study Buddies, thanks to Youtube.

Came across a weird subset of videos on Youtube the other day: virtual study partners. Go online and find someone who will sit next to you for 1-2-5-8 hours and motivate you to study. Pretend you are in the New York public library, or a dorm room, and find someone to study with. Some students are even creating virtual study groups with Zoom..

How to download a Youtube video with Safari and convert it for your iPhone

  • Find the Youtube video you want.  
  • Click PLAY.
  • While the video is playing, goto the top of the page and open WINDOW–>ACTIVITY 
  • Take a look at all the elements of that page (you may have to click the ‘carrot’ to display)
  • Find the one that is still ‘moving’, i.e. getting bigger and bigger in size.
  • Double-click on that item specifically.
  • A new window will open up and the file will download to your harddrive.
  •   The file will likely be a FLASH .flv movie, but you can convert it with Quicktime Pro or VLC or any number of other programs, converting it to an m4v for your iPhone if you want. Here endeth the lesson.]]>