Shoutcast TV would be cool if the content wasn't so lame

I’m being a bit harsh, but when I flip on Shoutcast TV I’m constantly amazed by some of the content. Amazed in the bad sense.

When the first moving pictures came out, the people would just sort of stand there in front of the camera and ‘pose’ much as they would for a still camera. Now that we’re moving into the digital age, with live streams available from anywhere in the world (thanks in large part to Shoutcast & VLC) we have the opportunity to watch and hear music from a bunch of German guys sitting around posing in front of their record collections.

ShoutcastTV can be found under VLC. File–>Services Discovery–>Shoutcats TV. Most of the channels are just radio stations that add a video feed, that or video pirates showing reruns of TV or Japanese anime. Occasionally you find a channel that has some ‘adult content’ but most of it is music related. You can also access Shoutcast TV via Winamp if you have that player installed