White House briefed: Something more important than water found on Mars–NASA

Well this is an interesting development.

It would appear that the US President has been briefed by Phoenix scientists about the discovery of something more “provocative” than the discovery of water existing on the Martian surface…. Whilst NASA scientists are not claiming that life once existed on the Red Planet’s surface, new data appears to indicate the “potential for life” more conclusively than the TEGA water results. Apparently these new results are being kept under wraps until further, more detailed analysis can be carried out, but we are assured that this announcement will be huge

So what could it be? More chemical elements, or maybe the fossilized remains of a Martian. God hope it isn’t as Transformers said and a giant man-killing robot.

Expect more though August and September as this comes to light. Apparently NASA is holding it close to the vest for awhile.