Listening to Combat Air Patrol fighters above the Obama train

Got this form the scanner mailing list:

An amazing amount of trfc assoc with both these CAPs today.
Huntress controllers are really earning their salaries today.
Following freqs noted: 139.7; 228.9; 350.25; 260.9; & 135.525—as well as several A-A for the Tyndall F-15s & supporting tankers–262.85; 251.25; 326.475; 277.35
Add to this the various ZNY & ZDC freqs used by the tankers and ftrs as they go into and out of the CAPs and needless to say it’s VERY BUSY here today. A prelude to what we can expect on Tuesday I guess.
In addition the Customs guys on 165.2375 & 350.025 are buzzing as well.