M/V Skodsborg going past the window

Haven’t posted any ship updates in awhile. We had a destroyer go by yesterday on the way to Annapolis. This little ship is passing the house right now.

With a name like this you'd think it was a table at Ikea

M/V Skodsborg:


Cars/any rolling equipment
Heavy lifts up to 120 tons
Yachts/sailing boats
Project cargo
Break bulk cargo

Vessels’ special features

Stern ramp, capacity 200 tons
Elevator serving all 3 decks
Heavy lift derrick 120 tons
Car decks serving upto 140 cars
Large hatch openings(26.7*8m)
Stabilisers minimising cargo damage
Forklifts on board, up to 25 tons
The vessels are fully self-sustained by own equipment for loading/discharging irrespective of port facilities.


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Hanna Update: 1045am

  • Just had our first power spike. Came back quickly but I suspect some grids are down nearby.
  • Winds and Rain are now steady, but occasionally ’sheeting’ and gusting quite a bit stronger.
  • Waves have not crashed over the seawall just yet, but heavy rain amounts means most of the area down there is underwater (including the sandbox). With an additional 4-6 inches of rain anticipated I hope it doesn’t get too supersaturated and we have another landslide like situation.
  • Woke this morning to see ‘Red Skies at Morning, Sailors take Warning’. It was really really red, but I was too tired to get to my camera.
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    Preparing for Hanna

    Picked up all the junk in my yard
    Tied my canoe up about 15 feet above sea level
    Filled coolers and pots with drinking water.
    Filled trash can, buckets and bathtub with water for toilets (joy of a well pump w/ no power)
    Filled generator with gas
    Bought more gas
    Bought milk, bread, water, soda, chips, and eggs.
    Mowed the lawn and put down new seed (free rain)

    Here are some pics on the Bay and of my water factory.


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