Yang Peiyi, the pretty voice behind pretty-faced Lin Miaoke (who 'sang' at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, so we thought)

UPDATE Aug 23: Pretty-voice Yang Peiyi will perform in closing ceremony!

Watching the Opening ceremony it was pretty obvious that the little girl singing before the parade of ‘ethnic minority’ children wasn’t actually singing live. In the heat and the noise of 90,000 people, no voice would have been that clear or solid, so it was pretty obvious it was a taped.

However, today we learned the Mili-Vanilli truth behind the song. While Lin Miaoke had the ‘look’ of a cute Chinese girl singing, she didn’t really have the voice to be singing in front of an audience of billions. The true voice was with Yang Peiyi, who didn’t have the look and was relegated to singing in front of an audience of a few sound engineers.

Yang Peiyi had a pretty voice. Bloggers should spread the word about this to help her get the credit she is due.