Movie Review–The Bank Job

“The Bank Job” On DVD last weekend (I no longer get to the theater).

True story? To some extent. In 1971 £4 million robbed from a British Bank, including pictures of a ‘royal person’ in a compromising sexual position, several cabinet ministers photographed in a brothel, and a spreadsheet of corrupt policeman at Scotland Yard. Mi-5, Scotland Yard (both clean and corrupt coppers), and various London mafia types all chased down the robbers who really didn’t know what they had gotten into.

Now, is it true? No idea–the file was “D-Noticed” meaning it was headlines one day and illegal to write about it the next. Papers just stopped covering it for ‘National Security Reasons”. Some of the files are still classified (until 2054!). Movie was based on leaks and guesses….

But a pretty good movie nonetheless.

NOTE: Plot disclosed above (if you want to rent it you’ll spoil the ending)