Break out of the Red/Blue echo chamber

The question, as always, is how we fight it. First, we need to get real. I can’t tell you how optimistic I was going into this election, though, looking back, there doesn’t seem to have been a reason for quite such a sunny view. But I, like most of us, fell for the echo chamber. Daily Kos, MyDD, Steve Soto, Pandagon, and all the other blogs are run by good people with positive intentions, but if they’re you’re primary source for information, you’re outlook is perverted by an overwhelming amount of good news and a general disdain for the factual accuracy of bad news. It perverts your perspective and, because the sample group is so totally different than most of America, it begins to twist your political predictions and assumptions of what works (for more on this, see my article Power Trippi). So the first lesson, insofar as I’m drawing them, is remain a member of the reality-based community, and too many blogs and partisan sources can compromise that.]]>

Saying it better than Me

My interpretation of this is that the voters sent a big F.You to the cultural elites who have spent the past four years lecturing anyone who would listen on their moral superiority for being willing to tolerate almost any type of personal behavior while labeling anyone who disagreed with their liberal agenda as bigots, racists, extra-chromosome conservatives, homophobes, etc. A large segment of the electorate came out with eye towards defeating the likes of Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Al Franken, Sean Penn, Barbra Streisand, Bill Maher, Margaret Cho, Whoopi Goldberg at the Hollywood crowd, Jacques Chriac, Cherie Blair and their socialist Euro-pals, Kristen Breitwesier and those cynically attempting to turn personal tragedy into political capital. The loons from ANSWER and NION and their allies marching in the streets with their BUSH=HITLER signs.]]>

More on Ohio math

75%, and that was a BUSH county. The highest percentage that Kerry could manage in any county was 66% in Cuyahoga country, the Democrat’s base in Ohio. If the number of provisionals is even lower, than the percentage he has to win to make up the difference is EVEN HIGHER! The fat lady is singing, the Democrats are just deaf.]]>