Iowa Electronic Markets

Joi Ito is talking about when I was on Capitol Hill, buying and selling election victories (and mainly defeats). I remember buying 100s of shares in the 1994 House of Representatives market in the Summer before law school, and then watching the polls shift from Likely Democratic (as it had been for 40 years) to GOP Victory. Man, I literally could have made $1,000s of dollars if I bought up all the GOP votes early. What a bummer. ]]>

Sign of Ugliness

Powerline is reporting on some pro-Kerry Union (IUPAT it looks like) thugs in a soon to be infamous photo of a three-year-old girl crying because these mental midgets tore up her sign. Unfortunately, with the Democratic candidate stuck in a rut, we can expect more of this desparation activity from the rank-and-file supporters upset about the campaign. And you wonder who is the face of the 27% who believe Dan Rather? Look at the idiot in the IUPAT(?) (Painters Union) t-shirt. Drop over to the thugs’ website to leave them a note. Here is the Union President’s e-mail ]]>

Getting it together

PenguinRadio site has been taking a lot of my time today as I try to redraw the way in which pages are created. Previously, the pages were static with a dynamic back end for the actual streams. Now I’ve made the pages static in the hopes of less work in the long run. Techno Radio is an example of the page being drawn dynamically. There are still some links I need to work on, but it’s coming together. ]]>

Justoneminute has a report that borders on “What is CBS smoking?” The rage against Bush network received 6 documents regarding Bush’s service, but internally (apparently) judged 2 of the 6 as fakes. Umm…wouldn’t that make you think hard about the other four? I guess it didn’t phase them in their rush to put out the story.]]>