Moscow planned nuclear command bunker on the Moon

Moscow News is reporting that during the height of the Cold War, the Soviets looked at creating a command bunker for their strategic forces on the Moon. The Moon, besides being far away, offered other benefits as nuclear blasts had a diminished impact in a low-G, no atmosphere environment. It was abandoned as the cost was $34 billion. ]]>

A million downloads in four days

Firefox is now reporting over 1,000,000 downloads in four days. Not enough to do away with MSIE, but a start nonetheless. I’m still finding it not quite as smooth as Safari, but the support for java (which is very poor in Safari) is much better in Firefox. Once I learn how to skin Firefox so it looks cleaner I’ll probably start to use it more and more. ]]>

Blame the White House

Powerline is reviewing today’s Washington Post article, which is very similar to a number of stories in other papers, about how CBS showed the documents to the White House and when the President’s men didn’t steer them off the story, they took that as “authentication” of the documents. The White House denies this, but it will certainly provide fodder for the conspiracy theorists who find sinister motives behind anything that doesn’t back up their point of view (aka closed-minded gits). Journalists love to think of themselves as front line investigators uncovering things through hard work, luck and their own intelligence. In fact, they are just spoon-fed most of their stories by people with agendas. Reminds me of US counterintelligence efforts where most spies are simply found by leaks within the home country’s intel community rather than by gumshoe detective work. ]]>