Memo to Kerry: Nearly 50% of Americans were born after Vietnam

Edwards was in diapers“” while Kerry was in the slog fighting it out with Charlie. I mention this because I was reading about Robert McNamara’s new film “”The Fog of War”” and a speech he made in Berkley the other day that was filled with a bunch of “”coasters”” who continued to demand attention because they did this or that during the protests of Vietnam. Daniel Ellsberg was there (now 72 years old) and some of the “”old guard”” of the protest community were very upset with Berkley for even extending an invitation. I think many of the 118,818,602 would turn to these Berkley types, Vietnam vets, and John Kerry with the simple remark: “”whatever””. They simply do not care about Vietnam. It was their parent’s deal, or even their grandparents. I wonder if the vets and protesters have started to realize that the “”new”” generation has the attention span of a mouse, and it’s own history to think back upon? ]]>

Traffic Camera blown up

someone blew up a traffic camera with a crude homemade bomb. I’ve said this for many years now–local governments will soon become the victims of homegrown terrorism. Traffic cameras, obscure regulations, and long lines at the DMV are going to lead more and more people to go postal on local government officials. I could start seminars on teaching local goverments that a lack of responsiveness can lead to upset customers.]]>