France24 is kicking US media on this Columbian Rescue story

France24’s website is lame. Their set is visually unappealing, and they have a lot of talking heads who don’t really say much. But in the coverage of the rescue mission in Columbia, they’ve been smashing US coverage left and right. Live press conferences from the military, interviews with the key players, coverage of the arrivals of the family and their reunification. They’ve done a really good job covering this story (which is a bit of an obsession in France).

Anyway, we’ll see if they can keep it up. Russia Today (another of MHZ’s stations) hasn’t had much, and I haven’t flipped the dish to catch Al Jazeera English service but I doubt they’ll have much interesting to say.

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Drug testers find female athlete shaving her beard.

San Francisco Paper

Tom McVay, a tester for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, told a jury in U.S. District Court in San Francisco that on March 14, 2002, he was assigned to locate Thomas at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, east of San Diego, and collect a urine sample for a steroid test. The visit was memorable, McVay said, because of Thomas’ appearance when she answered his knock on her apartment door.“It appeared to be like shaving cream on the left side of her face around her ear,” he said.

Don't be a dick

according to a new study.


Common game theory has held that punishment makes two equals cooperate. But when people compete in repeated games, punishment fails to deliver, said study author Martin Nowak. He is director of the evolutionary dynamics lab at Harvard where the study was conducted. “On the individual level, we find that those who use punishments are the losers,” Nowak said his experiments found. ]]>